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New to you.
However; 45+ years of innovation, development and patented perfection.


Patented wobbling impulse technology designed to alter the molecular construction of hard water minerals from sticky spheres into powerful rod structures to remove scale, sanitize pipes and protect your assets.

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Deal with the water scale

in your home before it becomes a problem

There are many home remedies, prepackaged solutions and tips from bloggers offering their point of view on how to clean hard water mineral deposits in your home. Many seem like a great idea; however, you are only cleaning what you can see. The real problem is hidden behinds your walls and in your appliances. If you know how and do it correctly, taking care of water scale is very easy.

The real problem is with the water itself! Every geographic water source contains hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium/ limestone); the concentration naturally fluctuates. These minerals stick to everything man-made; this is where the problem starts and it affects you financially and even impacts your health.

The reason why your water heater only last 4-7 years, and why your dishwasher will only clean your dishes well is if you use those fancy washer tablets, or the water pressure in your home sucks, and you discover you have a leak in your water pipes, or why sometimes when you drink your filtered water it still makes your guts feel uncomfortable; it is all linked to a buildup of hard water scale and biofilm.

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remove hard water scale problem from your home

What results can you expect in your home?

The Vulcan electronic anti-scale device is a truly Eco-friendly alternative to water softeners as no water is wasted, no salt is used and it only uses roughly $7 per year in electricity costs (only 2 watts of energy).

{slider=After Day 1} When you wash your hands or take a shower you will start noticing the soap will lather better and will be foamier than normal. You may also notice your hair will be softer after the first wash.
May people report the taste of their water also improves. Please note: the electronic descaler is not a water purification system.
Take a look at Waslix's clearly clean water purification for residential properties.

{/slider} {slider=After A Few Days} Bathroom: Surfaces become much easier to clean because the descaler changes the molecular construction of hardwater minerals and flushes away existing scale. When you clean your shower and bathtub what once appeared like embedded stains wash away as dirty water. The white spots on mirrors, shower doors, etc wipes away with water. You can start phasing out a large portion of your typical retail cleaning products. If you do have a problem with noticeable iron deposits in your commode and bathtub you will notice a decrease in the appearance; depending on the severity it may takes weeks/ months for the problem to go away complete as the descaler continues to flush out your water pipes.

Kitchen and Laundry: Your coffee machine and decanter will be cleaner as the buildup of water scale is removed from inside the machine. You will notice the decanter will be easier to clean without having to use chemicals or scrubbing. If you have built on grime and hard water scale in and around your kitchen sink you will start noticing it is easier to clean and stays cleaner for longer. Every other appliance in that comes into contact with water will start cleaning itself with daily repetitive use and the the natural flow of water. Your washing machine will last longer. Even if you have an old washing machine, the descaler will continue to flush out scale and biofilm from the internal pipes and drum.

{/slider} {slider=After 2-4 Weeks} Shower Heads: Anytime you have water flowing through a pipe and the diameter shrinks it is going to lower your water pressure. This happens fairly often in shower heads. We have had reports of clients who experienced extreme situations of shower heads becoming clogged and in 3 months after installing the Electronic descaler they no longer have this problem.

Dishwashers: Although your dishwasher is designed to clean; it’s a breeding ground for bacteria, scale buildup and biofilm because of all the small internal pipes and areas where water sits and food remnants collect. Water borne pathogens breed in your water pipes and appliances dues to the existence of hard water scale. After a few cycles you may start to notice white discharges being pushed out of cleaning parts. This is larger chunks of solid hard water scale being broken down and pushed out with the water flow. You can also start using less detergent in your dishwasher. You will notice your tableware, cutlery and crockery will be cleaner without hard water streaks and spots. When you install the electronic descaler on your main waterline you are taking an active step to extending the lifespan of your dishwasher.

Washing Machine: Consider discontinuing the use of fabric softeners and check how soft your clothing feels without it. You can also cut down on the amount of laundry detergent you use because using as much as you used to is a waste. The descaler changes the molecular construction of hard water minerals, this transfers to minerals that do not stick to man-made objects and a larger increase of soap suds to make your clothing softer and cleaner.

Water Heaters: If you research the life expectancy of a water heater the standard answer is 8-12 years. There is however a variable that is always included stating “varies with the location and design of the unit”. The reality for many people is that you are lucky if you get 9 years from a water heater with the typical lifespan is around 6 years. Hot water tanks fail due to years of built up mineral scale. Installing the Vulcan electronic descaler will solve this problem; the circuit board is encased in solid acrylic preventing the circuits on the board from breaking down and to protect it from physical damage.
If you have a thankless water heater, the manufacturer guidelines state you will need to flush the system every 6-12 months to remove mineral deposits. A better solution is to install the Vulcan descaler on your main water line that feed your entire home and know patented technology is protecting your home and keeping all your water pipes and appliances clean.

{/slider} {slider=Long-Term Benefits}
The electronic descaler has been refined and perfected over the past 45+ years; once installed there is NO maintenance and the system only uses about $7 (USD) per year in electricity costs. Long term you can expect your home water pipe system to be cleaner and to stay clean and free of hard water scale.

This translates into many positive benefits:
  • Water borne pathogens will not be able to breed and multiply in your water scale.
  • Reducing and eliminating the risk associated with leaking water pipe, corrosion and perforation
  • Reducing your energy costs due to your water heating operating efficiently
  • Reducing general cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Extending the lifespan of general household appliance: water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine, kettle, home sprinkler system, commode and commode tank parts, bath tubs and showers, and simply everything else your water supply cones into contact with daily.
USA hard water map areas

The time-frame of benefits people experience vary geographically and the age of the property. The older the property and the higher concentration of hard water minerals will influence the time-frame of noticeable benefits. For faster and stronger results it is better to install a slightly stronger model for the diameter of your water pipes.
Residential models: Vulcan 3000  |  Vulcan 5000 Vulcan S10 (commercial grade- use in very large homes- 4,000+ square feet)   |  
Compare all models

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"Our cooling tower was full of scale when we started and after 4 weeks, scale started to fall off in big chunks and now it is completely scale free."

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remove hard water scale bathroomImage taken from a hospital in Pittsburgh, PA (surface evidence of a long term hard water problem that has never been addresses. If this is what the exterior looks like I can imagine the severity of the internal pipes. Considering pathogens breed in mineral scale, I’m surprised to see this in a hospital)

The efficiency and innovation of treating hard water minerals will improve your home environment.

vulcan decaler remove hard water minerals

Putting aside the financial implications of spending less money on cleaning related products because you either use less of the same product or no longer need most of the cleaning products you currently use; or spending less on electricity because appliances such as your water heater starts working better; or the financial cost of replacing household appliances because they simply stop working or cause water damage due to water pipe corrosion. Putting all of these financial implications aside; the Vulcan electronic descaler will improve many other aspects of your home and how water affects you personally.

Your home's water piping system

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{slider=Reducing hard water scale buildup in your water pipes } The electronic Vulcan descaler changes hard water minerals on a molecular level through a patented frequency wobbling impulse. In their natural state minerals resemble spiky balls that adhere to everything inorganic/ man-made. The hard water descaler changes these balls into a rod shaped particle that is unable to stick to surfaces. These rod particles gently flush existing scale away through natural household water flow and prevent new scale from forming. {/slider} {slider=The Vulcan breaks up existing scale deposits} The Vulcan electronic anti-scale device have been patented and improved upon for over 45 years; it is the most cost effective solution, with a proven track record, at removing existing hard water scale deposits. No maintenance is required. Simply wrap the impulse bands around your main water pipe and plug the device in. The system starts working immediately to reverse the effects of years of scale buildup and your water pipes will gradually become clean again. This flushing out process will NOT clog your water pipes or drain because the treated crystals are microscopic and are washed away in the water.{/slider} {slider=Corrosion protection and prevention} Metal pipes often suffer from pitting corrosion; this is when corrosion creates small holes in the metal surface. It is very difficult to detect this on the outside of the pipe making it a dangerous neglect. Corrosion will eventually cause perforation resulting in water leaks, the growth of black mold in your home’s walls, and thousands in damages. The generated electric impulses from the Vulcan descaler produce a metal-carbonate protective layer that prevents pitting corrosion.{/slider} {slider=Increase your home’s water pressure} When water is pushed through a smaller pipe diameter it causes your water pressure to drop. The Vulcan descaler is a proven Eco-friendly solution to sanitizing your water pipes from scale deposits and can even restore a pipe's full diameter. Your normal water pressure will improve as the descaler continues to remove more buildup scale and causing water to flow freely again.{/slider} {slider=Vulcan minimizes and removes rust particles} Rust particles typically get embedded in scale deposits. FYI: so does bacteria and pathogens- this is why mineral scale is a great breeding ground for pathogens that make you sick. Rust oxides are red and the scale deposits in metal pipes then often appear red because of the rust oxide color. When the Vulcan treatment reduces hard water mineral scale it will also flush the rush out of your water pipes and everything else water touches. {/slider} {slider=The Vulcan descaler will also minimizes bacterial growth in pipes} As disgusting as this sounds, municipal water contains ‘acceptable pathogenic levels’. Meaning, when municipal water is tested at the processing facility (hundreds of miles away from your home) it has to be below a certain ratio to be considered safe for consumption. A chemical called Chloramine (Chlorine and Ammonia) is used to try and kill the germs in the water. Now, that water is pumped through hundreds of miles of scale infested water lines until it reaches your home; you open the faucet and the water is clear. So, it must be clean right?

Thick of hard water scale mineral deposits as an uneven surface. Water borne pathogens (germs, bacteria, mold, and so much more) stick to this uneven scale buildup where they bred, multiply and get flushed into your drinking water, your cooking water, and the water you and your children consume.

Hard water scale is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Once the scale has been removed there are no more nesting crevasses where bacteria can grow. For the best result, flow up with a water filtration system and UV disinfection. You will be surprised at how affordable these options are. {/slider}

Heating your home water supply

remove hard water scale from your water heater
{slider=Increase water heater efficiency} Traditional water heaters and tankless systems are fairly simple mechanical devices; they do not contain many moving parts so there are only a few things that can go wrong with them. Water scale destroys water heaters and dramatically shortens the lifespan of an appliance that should last a very long time. If you install the Vulcan descaler in your home it will extend the lifespan of your water heater and help to lower your electricity costs.

Regardless of where you live in the world your water will contain hard water elements (primarily calcium and magnesium) just in varying concentration ratios. Hard water scale sticks very, very well to heating elements, the ticker the scale buildup the more power is required to heat your water to the thermostat temperature; cost you more every day in electricity costs. The Vulcan descaler removes scale deposits from heating elements and gently flushes the scale minerals out with natural water flow.

Tankless water heaters are a popular alternative to traditional water heaters as they perform better and usually last longer WITH regular maintenance. Regular maintenance involves removing hard water scale from heating elements and pipes in the tankless water system. If you install the Vulcan anti-scale hard water solution on your main water pipe that feeds your home, you can permanently reduce the constant maintenance requirements because the device will constantly change the molecular construction of water minerals before they reach heat exchanges to remove scale deposits.{/slider} {slider=Solar water heating} The electronic descaler is Eco-friendly and only uses $5-$7 PER YEAR in electricity with zero waste. The descaler is cast in solid acrylic making it virtually indestructible. The Vulcan Descaler is an item you buy once in your lifetime! If you move to a new home simply take it with you. The device prevents scale from forming and being deposited throughout solar water heater systems, in collectors; the hot water tanks, vacuum tubes, and keeps the system from over-heating. Once it is installed there is no longer the need to circulate acids to remove scale deposits. {/slider}

Kitchens and kitchen appliances

remove hard water scale problem from your kitchen
{slider=Kitchen surfaces, sinks, faucets and fixtures stay cleaner} Your kitchen and items around your kitchen will stay cleaning for longer because the water that comes out of your faucet and splashes up on counters; backsplashes, etc. will have been treated. Cleaning is easier and requires little effort because the hard water minerals do not adhere to surfaces. {/slider} {slider=Keeping your dishwashers cleaner and operating better} Softer water is notorious for how it makes soap lather. The Vulcan descaler mimics soft water but without that slimy feel associated with softer water. Every time you run your dishwasher the altered hard water minerals will flush away existing scale; it will also make the detergent you use foamier so you can start using less soap. You will also start to see fewer water spots on glass wear soon after installing the device.{/slider} {slider=Cleaner, softer clothing without purchasing a new washing machine} Once you start using water to your advantage you will also start noticing a difference in the softness of your clothing because of how the treated hard water minerals react with soap and water. You will be able to get many more years out of your existing appliances. After a few cycles you can start reducing the amount of washing detergents you use and stop using aggressive cleaning agents.{/slider}

Cleaner bathrooms

remove hard water scale from your bathroom
{slider=Easier to clean bathrooms} Your bathroom should be clean but cleaning it well takes a lot of effort. If you have ever taken a shower in a home that has a water softener you will know exactly what that slimy water feeling, feels like on your skin. Water softeners are a very bad investment. More legislation is being passed to ban water softeners across the United States due to their impact on the environment. They typically use salt as a means to combat hard water and produce a lot of backwashing waste water. Everything you flush down the drain will eventually end up in river ways and the increase of salt in fresh water supplies is causing havoc on the environment.

The Vulcan descaler does not remove the calcium and magnesium minerals for your water; it changes the composition of these minerals so they cannot stick to surfaces. This means cleaning your bathtub, shower, mirror, and other surfaces become very easy.

The scale buildup in your bathroom can now be wiped away quickly and easily. Stains in your basins, sinks, toilets, and fixtures can be easily wiped away; your shower heads will also stay cleaner for longer. Client testimonial about how the Vulcan solved blocked shower head nozzles...

When you shower or bath in water that have been treated with the Vulcan descaler you will start noticing how well your soap lathers, your skin will become softer and your hair less frizzy and more manageable because of the decrease in water surface tension. People typically cut back about 25% on their shampoo and conditioner usage.

This claim has not been independently verified:
“I personally feel by treating my water with the Vulcan Descaler I no longer experience mildew growth in my shower.” - Waslix, LLC This makes a lot of sense because your water pipes are no longer holding onto to mineral scale and allowing pathogens to breed in the water pipes. So, after your shower; in areas where water puddles there is less water tension and the hard water minerals do not adhere to surfaces and become a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew to grow. {/slider}

Swimming pools and hot tubs

remove hard water scale pools
{slider=Private swimming pools} Incorporating a dedicated descaler for your swimming pool will have a huge impact on the pool’s cleanliness and the efficiency of water pumps and filters. The hard water scale accumulating on the water line become looser and is easier to wipe off and keep clean. Pool covers, floor titles and wall tiles will show less hard scale stains. Everything about the pool and the mechanical equipment to maintain a pool will be cleaner and easier to keep clean and free of scale mineral buildup; the descaler reduces deposits in the pipes and valves, the sensitive circulation pumps will last longer, sand filter will require frequent changing and you can cut down on the amount of chlorine tablets you use.{/slider} {slider=Hot Water Tubs} In our opinion it is always better to install a slightly stronger Vulcan model than your current needs because as life evolves you are bound to add additional water based equipment and appliances to your home. It also means if you move into a larger home one day you can simply take your Vulcan descaler with you and install for the immediate benefit the Vulcan Descaler offers.

Hot tubs are a prime candidate for an increase in water scale problems; the combination of water, circulating air and pressure in a hot tubs creates a perfect scale deposit environment. Incorporating the Vulcan electronic descaler into your home makes easy work of keeping your hot tub clean as it removes scale in pipes, valves, covers, tiles, essentially whatever your water touches, Vulcan treated water will play a major role at reducing and eliminating hard water scale deposits. {/slider}

Health issues

better health with cleaner water
{slider=Mineral rich drinking water} Calcium and magnesium minerals are very important to our overall heath. The Vulcan descaler DOES NOT remove these minerals from your water; it changes the construction from a spiky sphere appearance to a rod shaped molecular structure. It does not does not interfere with the healthy composition and benefits of drinking water; the important minerals remain in the water for a healthy diet. Young children, especially, and elderly people benefit from the healthy calcium and magnesium content that naturally is found in tap water. There are so many water filtration systems available; however the answer to producing Clean Water is not one filtration system but 3 independent solutions working as one complete solution. Take a surprising look at Waslix and their 3 system approach...{/slider} {slider=Enhances the natural flavor in food and beverages with clean water} Descaling your water and, more importantly, removing scale deposits from your water supply is step 1. When you descale your home’s water pipes it cleans the scale, and along with it, the muck (rust, biofilm, etc) sticking to the scale from your water pipes and appliances. Cleaner pipes mean your water will start tasting better. If you want to consume ‘clearly clean water’ you have to install a water filtration system and UV disinfection. Waslix has the best of these 2 systems at a surprisingly affordable installation and maintenance cost. {/slider}

This is not a LUXURY item.

the vulcan electronic descaler is not a luxury item  A few companies who use the Vulcan electronic descaler...
companies using vulcan anti scale solution residential

apartment building

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Apartment Units & Small Office Environments

vulcan 3000 anti scale hard waterVulcan 3000

Max. Pipe Diameter: 1 1/2 inches
Max. Water Flow: 13 Gallons Per Minute
Wattage: 2 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 39 inch each
Device Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches
Programs: 1

quote open largeThe device showed effect one week after it was installed. We replaced the filters in the bath fixtures during the installation of the device and since this time they have remained free of scale, as has the shower head.

  Typical Residential Home Environments

vulcan 5000 anti scale hard water Vulcan 5000

Max. Pipe Diameter: 2 inches
Max. Water Flow: 35 Gallons Per Minute
Wattage: 2 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 79 inch each
Device Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches
Programs: 1

quote open largeI was amazed to see the positive difference. I have noticed that my hair feels softer after washing it without using any additional hair cosmetics. Also the shower screen and the bathroom fixtures were easier to clean with much less cleaning agents.
residential building

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mansion home

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Very large home (mansion) Environments

vulcan S10 anti scale hard waterVulcan S10

Max. Pipe Diameter: 3 inches
Max. Water Flow: 65 Gallons Per Minute
Wattage: 2 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 118 inch each
Device Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches
Programs: 3

quote open largeWe installed 2 Vulcan to test: one S25 for shower heads in the student bathroom; one S10 for heating elements of drinking water. After 2 months, no scale was found on the shower heads, only saw a thin layer of white membrane, and it was easy to remove. Also, the scale of heating elements were significantly reduced, Vulcan greatly extends the time of manual cleaning.
- Beijing University of Chemical Technology

remove hard water scale residential home
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  • Does not use salt, chemicals or filters
  • No maintenance required
  • Incredible eco-friendly
  • $7 per year energy usage
  • NO wasteful back-washing
  • 10 year warranty
  • Patented technology
  • Used in 70+ countries
  • Vulcan descaler will clean, sanitize and protect your water pipes, appliances, equipment from scale
  • Pathogens (bacteria, mold, organisms, etc) breed in scale deposits- adds to your illness rate
  • Hard water scale is unnecessarily costing you money EVERY DAY

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