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Install technology to lower utility costs, make cleaning easier and prevent appliances and equipment from being damaged by hard water mineral buildup
free your water pipes, hot water tanks, appliances, equipment from hard water mineral scale


Patented wobbling impulse technology designed to alter the molecular construction of hard water minerals from sticky spheres into powerful rod structures to remove scale, sanitize pipes and protect your assets.

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vulcan anti scale technology

water descaler Patented Electric Impulse Technology

Patented Electric Impulse Technology

The Vulcan descaling technology works exclusively with capacitive electric impulses, where patented electronic wobbling distribution impulse frequencies (between 3-32 kHz) changes the crystallization process of the liquid calcium in hard water. This causes hard water scale particles to lose their adhesive power and their ability to stick to surfaces, preventing and removing rust and scale build up without using salt, chemicals or magnets.

water scale treatment Isolated Copper Impulse Bands

Special Isolated Copper Impulse Bands

Vulcan developed an extremely thin and flexible, high alloy purity grade impulse band to achieve minimal isolation and space loss between coils and a maximum direct contact ratio of 97.5%. These impulse bands are designed to connect firmly to your water pipe and are crucial to the performance of your water scale treatment to remove and prevent scale and rust buildup.

water scale buildup
descaling hard water

Stops formation water scaling crystals

Stops the formation of water scaling

In their natural state, hard water lime scale minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) adhere very well to inorganic materials. When water flows through your pipes and past the impulse bands of the Vulcan device the sticky untreated water scale crystals are altered through a process of electrophoresis into smoother rod-shaped configurations. Vulcan patented decaler works extremely well at creating rod-shaped crystals to loosen existing incrustation bonds (scale buildup) in your water pipes and appliances. These microscopic crystals will still have a health mineral impact on your health and are simply washed away in regular water flow where they no longer bond to each other or attach to surfaces.

Continuously cleans and sanitizes water

Cleans the effects of untreated hard water damage

When you remove hard water scale from water pipes and surfaces you also remove embedded iron particles and unhealthy bacteria growing in the scale. The Vulcan solves visually “dirty” looking water. This is when a Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) reaction takes place building calcium crystals; and simultaneous, at a much slower rate an opposite reaction (Natural Resolving Process) that tries to fight the effects of Carbonic Acid. The Vulcan descaler is a scientific water treatment technology used in residential, commercial and industrial environments around the world to gently sanitize water pipes and equipment.

protective metal carbonate layer water

Prevents scale damage and protects against corrosion

Copper and/or iron oxidation occurs in all metal pipes through contact with hard water. These oxides seriously affect the pipe surfaces and often lead to corrosion. A side reaction to the patented impulse electrophoresis response is the results of a thin metal-carbonate layer that remains in the pipes and acts as protective shield against future rust and corrosion. According to the material of the pipe, this layer consists of copper carbonate, iron carbonate or zinc carbonate and settles on all shiny metal surfaces.

scale free water benefits
hard wate scale destroys pipes The Vulcan electronic decaler is an Eco-Friendly alternative to water softeners and is designed to protect your home and assets against scale deposits and rust. It STOPS the natural elements found in water from depositing rust and water scale in water pipes, appliances, commercial equipment and whatever your water supply touches. It GENTLY SANITIZES your water pipe system and whatever your water touches; by breaking down rust, scale and limestone deposits on a molecular level and removing it through natural water flow. It PROTECTS your piping, equipment and whatever else your water touches from the corrosion and perforation damage of hard water.

Typical problems associated with hard water scale

  • Surfaces in bathroom and kitchen are covered with scale deposits making it harder to clean
  • Blocked piping system causes a decrease in water pressure
  • Increasing electricity costs due to scale covering heating elements in water heaters/ boilers
  • Bacterial growth in water pipes and appliances results in higher illness rates
  • Rust accumulation in water pipes cause higher probability of corrosion and perforation
  • Aggressive cleaning chemical agents are used to remove scale deposits
  • Household appliances do not last more than a few years requiring repeated repairs or replacement
  • Decrease in overall industrial productivity
  • Higher production costs in commercial environments due periodic maintenance
  • Higher costs of repairs and maintenance on machines and equipment
  • Malfunctioning machinery
  • Replacement of an entire water piping system
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vulcan models small accredited
  • Does NOT use salt or chemicals
  • Maintenance-free
  • International 10-year warranty
  • Healthy minerals remain in the water
  • Cast in solid acrylic for optimal quality
  • DIY installation without cutting pipes
  • Eco-Friendly water descaler; $5-7 per year
  • Eco-Friendly alternative to water softeners
  • Pipe diameters from ½ inch to 20 inches
  • Works on every pipe material: iron, inox, copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, plastic, PVC, PE-x, hose, compound pipes, etc

installing vulcan anti scale hard water

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Increase our service quality and customer satisfaction
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After multiple problems with scale build-up in our irons and laundry equipment we decided to try and solve this situation. We chose the innovative line of water treatment by Vulcan and installed the S25 unit.

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Cooling Tower Cost Savings
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In less than 1 year the Vulcan S100 model water treatment has saved our company more than the cost of a full chemical treatment to remove hard water scale.

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The Paris Country Club
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Paris, France Country Club

Located just 10 minutes from Paris in the heart of the Saint-Clóud race course. The Vulcan S100 unit was installed on the water main for the Clubhouse, to protect the bathrooms and kitchen areas from limescale deposits

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Amazing Slider and Amazing People
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Mondi Packaging Factory (Czech Republic)

It has now been 4 months since installation of the Vulcan S100, and the scale problem have reduced significantly. Now the pipes and production equipment require much less cleaning. We are very satisfied with the performance of the Vulcan S100 Unit.

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Immediately solved a problem with our restroom fixtures
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Wolfies Waterfront Grill (United States)

The Vulcan immediately solved a problem with our restroom fixtures, eliminated our water softener, along with the required salt and water consumption and drastically reduced our dishwasher soap usage.

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vulcan is not a magnet

Vulcan is NOT a Magnetic Descaling System

The Vulcan descaler works exclusively with electric impulses and is powered from an electrical outlet using 2 to 3.25 Watts of energy (roughly $5 - $7 per year).
vulcan is not a magnet system
There are similar hard water descalers on the market that try to mimic Vulcan’s patented technology. These copy-cat solutions claim they produce similar results to the Vulcan, but do not. The majority of these other ‘solutions’ work on inductive (electromagnetic) technologies; they are easy to identify by recognizing how their wire cables run in a loop from the electronic unit around the pipe and back into the unit.

Why you should avoid magnetism when treating water

All magnetic-based physical water treatment devices produce electric impulses by induction. This means when water flows through the pipes and comes into contact with a magnetic field is supposed to generate complex electric impulses to change hard water molecules; sometimes this perfect-storm is replicated. However real-world applications beyond a laboratory will not produce the desired effects for a long enough time periods and the basic behavior of magnetism cannot be ignored.

Problem with Magnetism: you cannot treat all pipe materials equally
Magnetic fields do not penetrate metal very well; manufactures and distributors will insist you install their devices only on plastic pipes. Interestingly: if you can only install in an area where there are metal pipes they will advise you to cut the metal pipe and replace it with a plastic insert.

Problem with Magnetism: Velocity
Magnetic solutions to deals with hard water scaler are flawed by the speed of the water flow. To generation complex electric impulse fields (with magnets) the water inside your water pipe has to flow at the right velocity (speed). If the Gallon per minute water flow is correct it will generate an impulse; however if the flow rate is too fast or slow an impulse will not be produced or an incorrect impulse will be generated. The effect of the Vulcan electric impulse has a lasting change on hard water molecules that last for over a mile!

Vulcan descalers ALWAYS provide a perfect and stable electric impulse field simply by using constant electricity. Therefore, Vulcan is solely electric. The annual power consumption is minimal and amounts to approximately $5 - $7.

Problem with Magnetism: Magnetism itself
Magnetism and magnetic fields are amazing and many wonderful inventions owe their success to magnets. Treating hard water scale with magnets is not a good solution.

Magnets attract metal objects, even tiny particles. This means when magnetic particles in the water flow past the magnetic field they will be attracted to the magnet and will stick to the inside of the pipe; this happens to metal and plastic pipes alike.

It does not take very long for ‘metaldirt-particle-film’ to build up inside the pipe creating a breeding ground (biofilm) for bacteria and other unwanted substances. Interestingly: manufacturers of these devices will advise you to turn the device of and "flush" the pipes every six months as a solution to the problem.

An effective hard water descaler is meant to remove existing and future scale build-up, remove rust particles in the scale, clean and sanitize your water pipes and equipment, and protect the integral construct of your water pipes and how water interacts with assets. Using a magnet / magnetism / magnetic fields is NOT the answer.

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vulcan against scale and rust 24 volts
German 24 Volt Impulse-Technology (capacitive): The water is treated with electric impulses that control scale in an eco-friendly “green” way. It is an electric system that is not magnetic-based.

vulcan against scale and rust frequency
Vulcan works on a frequency range between 3-32 kHz with different frequency peaks (wobbling distribution). The secret to the right performance of physical water treatment lies in the composition of these impulses. CWT has developed and fine-tuned them for over 30 years.

vulcan against scale and rust impulse bands
Vulcan uses customized isolated copper impulse bands improving transmission by up to 40%. How the impulses are transferred into the water is crucial. The design of the bands increases the surface area that transports the impulses.

vulcan against scale and rust acrylic cast
The original acrylic cast is unique to the Vulcan product line. It offers maximum protection against water, heat, dirt, coldness, humidity and keeps all parts secure and sealed in place.

vulcan against scale and rust switch adaptor
Vulcan comes with external UL and TÜV-approved electronic switching adaptors. They operate with a very low power consumption of 100-240V and equalize possible power instability.

vulcan against scale and rust not a magnet
Vulcan is not magnetic-based. Therefore, it operates 100% independent of the velocity (water flow rate) in the pipe and constantly provides reliable impulses that guarantee the right output at all times.

vulcan against scale and rust pipe material
Vulcan treats any pipe material so there is no longer a need to purchase different products for different pipe material (metal, PVC, plastic, etc.)

vulcan against scale and rust auto memory
The automatic memory program keeps Vulcan running correctly. In case of the unlikely event of a power failure Vulcan automatically resets back to the last program once power is regained.

vulcan against scale and rust certifications
Vulcan holds numerous certifications by renowned international institutions: the German TÜV, the German CE, the ULapproval for switching adaptors etc.

vulcan against scale and rust economical
Vulcan requires very little electrical power as it is very economical. The units operate with 2 to 3.25 Watts. The running electricity costs are $5 to $7 per year.

vulcan against scale and rust 24 germany
Made-in-Germany: Vulcan is a German quality product, manufactured by the family-run company Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH, Berlin since 1989.

vulcan against scale and rust 24 10 year warranty
10-year international warranty is granted for all Vulcan units. Due to the special acrylic protection these units keep on running with a life expectancy of over 30 years.

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Vulcan compared to water softeners

Vulcan is an eco-friendly, electronic (capacitive) impulse based water treatment system that solves mineral scale and rust problems without using salt or chemicals.
vulcan compared to water softeners
Water softeners or conditioners designed to work with salt or salt-free systems may make your water soft, but is that a good idea?
Unfortunately, nothing is ever straight forward! When you start your research (to make an informed decision) you’ll find a source of information promoting salt-free conditioners as the answer and then another reference that poses doubt. Waslix, LLC is passionate about producing the cleanest water at the most affordable cost while being environmentally friendly. The answer to clearly clean water is NOT 1 solution but 3 separate systems working in conjunction with each other.

It is natural for water softeners (conditioners) manufacturers and dealers to swing their sales argument in their direction without exposing the variables to treating water.
Variable to softening water example: install a water softener to soften water, however you then discover there is a movement in US Government to ban water softeners due to the environmental impact. Sale: yes, the water softener will automatically flush itself. The impact is on you financial as our water bill immediately increases, etc.
Another variable example: Very soft water is also not recommended for pipes because it is too acidic; this opens up a danger of corroding water pipes.

Water Softeners

Salt-based water softeners (so-called ion-exchangers) use salt and chemicals to treat the water. They are installed into the piping system which should only be done by a professional plumber. They exchange the minerals (calcium and magnesium ions) with twice as much sodium (salt) ions. As calcium and magnesium gets deleted, the water is softer afterwards. Water softeners considerably increase the sodium content of the water which can cause considerable health threats and certainly is a threat for the environment.

Financial impact: Regular water softeners are not only expensive to purchase but also you will need a specialist to do the installation. Once in place you will have to constantly refill it with salt.

Never-ending maintenance: Maintenance includes the constantly replacing the salt, the washing of the granule and the checking of valves and measuring station.

Wasting resources: softeners require large amounts of salt and huge amounts of additional water of up to 30-80 gallons per wash to operate.

Require manpower: water softeners constantly need to be fine-tuned and controlled. Especially season-related changes of the water quality (summer/ winter) are often simply forgotten to consider for the programming. The human error factor then prevents the unit from performing correctly.

Health issues: Babies, children, elderly people, people with salt-restricted diets or anyone who is health-conscious should consult a physician regarding the sodium intake increase when using a water softener. The water loses its natural taste and may even taste salty. Also you may have to supplement the important minerals calcium and magnesium in your daily diet.

It is important to note that many of the water softeners have a by-pass feature that will allow you to bypass the cold water in the kitchen. This will enable you to use unsoftened water for drinking and cooking. In addition, bypassing the cold water tap in the kitchen will prevent minerals from being removed from the water. However, then only part of your pipes are protected.

An effective hard water descaler is meant to remove existing and future scale build-up, remove rust particles in the scale, clean and sanitize your water pipes and equipment, and protect the integral construct of your water pipes and how water interacts with assets. Using a water softener to deal with your hard water is NOT the answer.

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Pipe Diameter 1 1/2 inches 2 inches 3 inches 4 inches 5 inches 6 inches 8 inches 10 inches 20 inches
Water Flow  13 GPM  35 GPM 65 GPM 130 GPM 300 GPM 530 GPM 790 GPM 1,540 GPM 3,520 GPM
Wattage  2.0 Watts 2.0 Watts 2.25 Watts 2.25 Watts 2.25 Watts 2.5 Watts 2.5 Watts 2.75 Watts 3.25 Watts
Impulse Bands  2 x 39 inches
~ 3 feet long
2 x 79 inches
~ 6.5 feet long
2 x 118 inches
~ 10 feet long
4 x 118 inches
~ 10 feet long
4 x 158 inches
~ 13 feet long
6 x 158 inches
~ 13 feet long
6 x 315 inches
~ 26 feet long
8 x 393 inches
~ 33 feet long
10 x 1,181 inches
~ 98 feet long
Space Required  ~ 10 inches ~ 14 inches ~ 20 inches ~2.6 feet ~3  feet ~ 4 feet  ~ 6 feet ~ 8 feet  ~ 16.5 feet
Dimensions  5.1" x 3.1" x 1.2"  5.9" x 3.3" x 1.2"  7.5" x 4.7" x 1.6"  7.9" x 4.9" x 1.6"  7.9" x 4.9" x 1.6"  9.4" x 5.6" x 1.6"  9.4" x 5.5" x 1.6"  11.6" x 7.9" x 2.0"  12.6" x 8.7" x 2.0"
Programs  1 1 3 5 5 10 10 10 10

vulcan removed hard water deposits
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  • Does not use salt, chemicals or filters
  • No maintenance required
  • Incredible eco-friendly
  • $7 per year energy usage
  • NO wasteful back-washing
  • 10 year warranty
  • Patented technology
  • Used in 70+ countries
  • Vulcan descaler will clean, sanitize and protect your water pipes, appliances, equipment from scale
  • Pathogens (bacteria, mold, organisms, etc) breed in scale deposits- adds to your illness rate
  • Hard water scale is unnecessarily costing you money EVERY DAY

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